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October Update

by Izzy Albert


The casting team is preparing for auditions in November by creatingaudition protocols and researching specifics on working with SAG onthis film. They are also collecting the contact info for the agentsof actors we are interested in approaching. In the coming weeks theteam will develop a relationship with our local SAG office and workout audition details.


The documentary team is continuing to film the Saltwater lecture series and has started to edit a larger documentary piece about the educational component of Saltwater. This week they will film the final lecture and shoot interview for their next VLOG, focused on the Locations team and location scouting.


Fundraising Team:
The new title of the Oct. 25 Fundraiser will be “Community Kickoff Event.” We went over the Fundraiser invitation and settled on a final
draft. Lise is working with Alex to get those invitations out ASAP through MailChimp. We are still working to get possible named celebrities to come and speak at the Oct. 25 Fundraiser in order to create interest in Saltwater. Lise is still working with the S and D team for food and drinks for the Fundraiser. The Yoshi’s investor party is set for Nov. 1 and Lise is working on the next draft of invitations in order for those to go out this week. Michael will meet with Yoshi’s to talk about a plan to have food and drinks in place for the party.


Costumes and Make up:
This week we continued to add to our character lookbooks, and are looking forward to adding to the script breakdown. We have also distributed flyers in CCSF’s Fashion Department, so we may be collaborating with them as well!


PR and Marketing:
The time is almost here for Saltwater to launch into Kickstarter!! Remember, we are trying to emphasize a community effort for our
invitations so get your e-mail lists ready! We are sending them by this coming Monday and then again on the 15th of October (the day of
the launch) as a reminder! The same day, you will see some minor changes to our website and social media pages that Mayra and Alex are
working on! Also, Mayra and Leo are primping some of the photos that were chosen to go along with the theme of our Kickstarter! Mayra has
also e-mailed the business cards to Amy (apologies for the delay)! Also, remember to continue to build your e-mail lists for our October
25th event! See you next time!

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