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The Story

Jenny, early 30s, is engaged to a sexy younger man who adores her, and everything seems to be on track. In the midst of wedding planning, she discovers a picture of her  mother’s parents on their wedding day, and decides the dress her grandmother is wearing is the one she must get married in. Despite her fiancé’s protests, she gets into her car and takes off to the Salton Sea.


Once there, she rekindles a close friendship with her eccentric aunt, who she and her mother have been estranged from since her grandfather’s death 16 years previously. With no certainty whether or not the dress still exists, the two make their way through generations of family belongings. Her two-day trip turns into a week and then two and then more as she starts learning more about herself, her Jewish identity and her family’s past. She meets an intriguing man who makes her question how she is living her life, and when tragedy strikes she must decide which path to follow.

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