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Our Saltwater Vlogs

KCBS with Lise Swenson

An interview with Director Lise Swenson about her upcoming film, Saltwater.


Collaborating with Goodwill

Find out about Saltwater's unique partnership with Goodwill.

Fun With Slates

This handy video gives some background on how and why a slate is used in filmmaking.


Casting for Saltwater

Check out the Casting Team and their thoughts on the search for actors for the independent feature film Saltwater.

Building a Hoard Set

Saltwater Production Designer Carolyn Eidson discusses some of the challenges of  building a complicated movie set from scratch.


Saltwater Interns

Insight on the body that moves the Saltwater project.


Highlights of the Lecture Series

Salwater, more than a movie. An educational, student powered, community-based project. See what we featured in our lecture series.

Location Scouting 

Discover how the locations team finds Saltwater's sets for filming. 

The Foundation Center of SF

Check out some of the resources the Foundation Center provides to Saltwater and other independent organizations.

The Beginning of Saltwater

Learn about how Saltwater came to fruition.

How to Tag on Facebook

See some basics on how to use this feature as a fundraising tool on your Facebook page.

9th St. Independent Film Center

Our film production office shares space with some like-minded entities. Learn all about their programs too!

Solicitations and Donations

Want to know how to cold call for supplies needed in independent filmmaking?  Then check out these helpful hints on how to go about it.

Introducing the film Saltwater

Get some info on independent film Saltwater.

Social Media

There are many ways that social media and the web can be used for promoting an independent film. Here is how Saltwater does it.


Saltwater's Grantwriting team has devoted a lot of work towards obtaining grants in order to fund our independent film. Hear all about it in this vlog.

Lecture Series 

Discover how Saltwater and TILT collaborated to create a lecture series on filmmaking. 

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