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The Metaphorical Septacus

by Izzy Albert

Hi all,

My name is Isabella Albert I am new to the Saltwater team this summer. The Septapus represents the 7 teams of interns working towards making this film a reality. The octopus in the center of it all is the main project Saltwate. We are separate teams doing different aspects of the project, but the octopus connects us all.


The Solicitation and Donations team makes contact with all the companies on all the solicitations list, and then secures the donations.


The Documentary team is recording the filmmaking process and creating educational videos.


The Grant-Writing team is applies to all grants with either a letter of interest or full grant application by deadline.


The Social Media team is letting the world know about Saltwater.


The Fundraising team is planning the big fundraising event for the project.


The Locations team is finding the locations needed for the film and figuring out the special needs and permits for each location.


And finally, the UPM team oversees the whole project and really keeps everything together.

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