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Saltwater Sneak Peek!

by Kris Jones

Announcing a Saltwater Sneak Peek this Saturday June 1st!


We did it!  We completed shooting Saltwater May 19th, and are officially wrapped! With over 50 student interns and professional department leads there has been countless amounts of hours put into making this movie. From the Costumes Department developing the look of each character, to the Art Department gathering props for each scene, to the documentary team creating vlogs to keep you informed about our latest happenings - we worked our butts off!


There has been an abundance of community support since the beginning, and we sincerely extend our deepest gratitude to all of you. Our next big push is making sure that the beautiful movie we have shot will be edited and ready for the 2014 festival season.

Come and see what we’ve done!


We have a special SNEAK PEEK this Saturday, June 1, as part of the 3rd annual San Francisco Green Film Festival. We will not only be screening highlights of key scenes from the movie, but will also feature a panel discussion with writer/director, Lise Swenson, and UC Berkeley ecologist Celine Pallud who has studied selenium and saline levels of the Salton Sea. Other panelists to be announced.


Please join us this Saturday, June 1^st at 1:30pm at Super Frog Gallery, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, 3rdfloor above the New People’s Cinema.


Tickets can be bought at:


Or by phone at (415) 552-5580, or at the door the day of the screening.


Stay tuned for more news from Saltwater, including a transmedia campaign in the works with Goodwill of San Francisco and some of the lead Transmedia startups in the Bay Area. Goodwill is just one of many community partners that have contributed to this film. Thanks to them, we were able to secure props and costumes for the film, some of which will be featured in our transmedia campaign.


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