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Michael Sommers



Michael Sommers recently made his New York City debut at Ensemble for the Romantic Century and what a debut... Frankenstein’s Monster! Sommers just finished filming three feature films-Garden of Eden and A Many Splintered Thing and of course, Saltwater where Sommers portrayed Charlie, loosely based upon the dynamic artist, genius of East Jesus, CA, Charles Russell!

Other film and television credits include Trauma (NBC), The Evidence (CBS), Nash Bridges (ABC), Bandits, Mousehunt, The Californians and The Village Barbershop.


Sommers is the founder and artistic director of Uncle Buzzy’s Hometown Theater Show!! His folk wisdom comedy troupe with music and surprises! His favorite performance was last July’s portrayal of Chopin in Seduction, Smoke and Music... Chopin and George Sand for Ensemble for the Romantic Century in Calistoga, California, stepping in for Jeremy Irons! Sommers plays 30 characters in his one man play-Vermont Boy In West Oakland- my true story at The Marsh in San Francisco and other venues. Come see this suspenseful, comedic and musical true story!






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