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Anatomy of Saltwater

by Sarah Flores

I have been thinking a lot about our collective student intern rolls on Saltwater and how each team supports one-another. Most people don’t think about things like grant writing and solicitation for donations when they imagine what working on a feature film may be like. (Despite the common scenario, filmmaking is much more than lights, camera, action). This got me thinking about how our various departments work. More importantly, it got me thinking about how each team supports each other.


The knee bone is connected to the hip bone, etcetera. That’s how we work. The Social Media Team, Grant Writing Team and Solicitations and Donations team are each in place to build the Saltwater production infrastructure. We are involved in seeking funding and additional resources while the Social Media Team creates a platform for everyone to share in our progress.


This is a unique opportunity for CCSF Cinema students. We are creating a living document of how filmmaking can be done with plenty of time for extensive preproduction planning. Please enjoy my drawing and check out the CCSF/Saltwater collaboration page.

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